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Alaska, Mexico, Caribbean, Hawaii, Australia, Africa, Scandinavia, the Far East,
anywhere! The world is yours with Travel Time for Singles. Imagine the breathtaking
beauty of a nature walk as you stand in awe of the majestic base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Let the warm winds of the South Pacific embrace your body and soul as you snorkel leisurely alongside the most brilliantly colored fishes in the world and find yourself
gliding effortlessly through the crystal clear blue waters of Fiji.   Experience the
dazzling splendor of everything from rainforests and reefs to mountains and meadows.
Trade winds, barrier reefs, champagne and caviar! Live the passion! Live the moment!
Let Travel Time for Singles take you there.

Travel Time for Singles specializes in providing fun, adventure, and exciting vacation
opportunities to active singles just like yourself. We organize group tours and cruises
and take our special clients to the four corners of the world with stops everywhere in
between; aboard ship and in exotic ports of call. At Travel Time for Singles you will
travel with other singles who share the same interests and lifestyle.  We keep our
worldwide excursions very personalized so that you can make new friends and enjoy
what you see and feel at a more leisurely and relaxed pace.  No matter how high
your standards, no matter what your requirements; we offer highly personalized service and extensive travel experience that is sure to impress even the most demanding traveler.   And for the value and service you will receive, the prices at Travel Time for Singles can't be beat!

Why sit at home? Why travel alone? Why not travel with us today? The time has come  and the moment is right to get busy living! Live life to the absolute fullest and embrace  every moment with Travel Time for Singles. Come aboard and join us on
our next trip.


Travel Time For Singles
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